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March 17th 2018 – Booth at the Crazy Days of Social Economy for FitMyNest (FR)

Feb. 24th 2018 – Speaker on ICT jobs for Toekomst Atelier de l’Avenir (FR)

Feb. 23rd 2018 – Speaker and co-organizator of the Smart Cities day for FitMyNest, a B-Sprouts event part of the EU Industry Week

Feb. 20th 2018 – Speaker for Crédal Echang’Elles programme for female students entrepreneurship : “Questions to be asked before launching your business  – Meeting with an inspiring panel of female  entrepreneurs” (FR)

Feb. 8th 2018 – Speaker for the entrepreneurship programme (FR)

Dec. 14th 2017 – Pitch at IoT Incubator B-Sprouts’ DEMO DAY for FitMyNest

Dec. 3rd 2017 – Booth at Salon Habité Groupé for FitMyNest

Nov. 30th 2017 – Speaker at conference on Lead generation and nurturing in an industrial business, for Bisnode

Nov 7th. 2017 Webinar on Communication for Female managers, for feminist NGO Amazone (FR)

Oct. 13th 2017 – Celebration of the 10th anniversary of Journaliste Web SPRL, my company (FR)
For this occasion, I organized a big celebration event with the ones that participated to Journaliste Web SPRL adventure: associates, employees, partners, clients, providers.

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