11.2014 Hydrokube
-90% de temps de lancement du projet

05.2014 Technocité
Satisfaction 15,74/20
06.2013 Seerus
-80% de temps de lancement du projet
11.2012 Knauf Belgium
CPC 0,0000127€
12.2011 Belgacom
+24,96 places SEO

06.2011 CE+T
+100% visites


Xavier Bartholome Connecting Knowledge and People I have hired Marina to work on two types of projects : CE+T Power's website(s) and our publications (Business Cases and Whitepapers).  In both types of projects, her insights were really valuable and helped me avoid several pitfalls.  Furthermore, I'd say that Marina, being always cheerfull, is a person with whom it is always very nice to work with. 22 juin 2011, Xavier a été client de Marina

Bart Van Herreweghe Projectencoördinator bij Kanselarij van de Eerste Minister Marina Aubert is a highly motivated and enthusiastic expert. 19 juin 2011, Bart a été client de MarinaJacques Mercier Journaliste, écrivain, conférencier, etc. En très peu de temps, Marina Aubert a pu m'initier aux techniques nouvelles de communication, avec une clarté, une efficacité incroyables. Ses conseils esthétiques aussi ont été les bienvenus. 19 juin 2011, Jacques était dans une autre entreprise quand il/elle a travaillé avec Marina chez CommunicationWeb.be Filip Borloo Freelance consultant & Digital product designer Marina is very driven and extremely capable. And this one many levels.  She writes some of the most beautiful French texts I've read and like no-one I know is able to turn technical or complex concepts into clear and understandable prose.  She's also a great organiser and motivator, she's able to get you excited and enthusiastic about her projects.  She also has vision. She knows where she wants to go and is able to build on the road to get there one step at a time, one day at a time.   I've always enjoyed working with her and can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced web-editor or internet consultant.moins 9 juin 2007, Filip était dans une autre entreprise quand il/elle a travaillé avec Marina chez Journaliste Web SPRL 

Sergio Caredda HR Director Retail EMEA at VF Corporation Marina's experience within the AEGEE-Europe board was valuable and effective. Her contribution towards the education area was in line with the expectations of the organisation, and she achieved a lot. 16 mai 2006, Sergio encadrait Marina chez AEGEE-Europe