Mission for Belgacom 2009-2012

SEO copywritinglogo-belgacom

My team had to enhance SEO content through copywriting, and make recommendations to Belgacom internal webmastering team.
I made a prior audit of the work that had to be done, then divided the tasks amongst the internal team members, and led follow-up meetings, internal and with the client. At the end of each period, I send a report to the client, and made an oral presentation of the results and the new challenges, to make sure any stakeholder was satisfied.

In short:

  • created a business case from stakeholders needs
  • selected an auditing tool for KPI and work priorities
  • organized work amongst my team
  • periodic reporting with KPIs and recommendations to stakeholders


  • 1200 keywords analyzed towards 29 competitors, for 707 products segments
  • 145 pages optimized
  • Average evolution of SEO ranking for optimized pages: +24,96