Mission for CE+T Power 2011 & 2015-2017

Communications Manager 2015-2017logo_CET-Power

Part-time mission

In short:

  • Worldwide communication strategy
  • Web and media partners content manager, coordination of the US team
  • Digital strategy


  • Worldwide and multicultural team and clients
  • No communication strategy nor role
  • Very specific niche in electronics


  • Lead nurturing through content generation and promotion
  • PR and media partnerships
  • Lead generation through set up of qualified specific newsletters


  • Growth of online audience: +516 clicks on Linkedin
  • Gain of qualified leads
Testimonies of Daniel Rixon and Bill Mattas

See the results within a conference for Bisnode I gave on lead generation and how to use content marketing for an industrial business:

Digital Content Project Manager 2011

In short:

  • Created a business case from stakeholders needs
  • Audited the existing website
  • Allocated resources to work on Corporate, SEO and whitepapers copywriting for the website refoundation
  • Delivered all structured contents and recommendations to stakeholders


  • Website: +50% visitors