Mission for Knauf Belgium 2011-2013

Digital strategylogo-knauf

My team had to build a strategy, make recommendations, and train the client to autonomy.
I made a prior audit of the work that had to be done, then divided the tasks amongst the internal team members, and led follow-up meetings, internal and with the client. At the end of each period, I send a report to the client, and made an oral presentation of the results and the new challenges, to make sure any stockholder was satisfied. At the end of the mission, the client hired a specialist in order to follow-up our work, and apply my recommendations.

In short:

  • created a business case from stakeholders needs
  • study of the existing online presence and made a strategic analysis with KPIs
  • made recommendations and trained the marketing team to SEO copywriting and conversion funnels
  • supported the stakeholders in redefining the SEA and Google Analytics policies
  • launched the brand presence on social medias and trained the marketing team
  • quarterly reporting with KPIs and recommendations to stakeholders


  • 2 Facebook campaigns
    • Reach: 1.746.064 users
    • Budget: 222,89€.
  • Facebook: +1500 fans
  • Twitter: 150 followers
  • Klout: 32