Trainings methodology

My trainings are based upon a three-steps methodology: observe-analyze-produce.

First, we see what is essential, together with a short introduction through theory.
Then, we observe cases.
Finally, trainees exercise with practical cases and role plays.

Each participant is supervised during his/her exercises. At the end of it, a feedback is given to each by the group. Thiagi methodology is used to acquire complex knowledges and for 6+ groups.

Thiagi: We Do Training
And we do it differently. We use games and activities that engage participants. We keep them interacting with each other and with the content.
We design training faster, cheaper, and better with an irreverent process that eliminates unnecessary steps that don’t add value.

These technics allow trainees to understand processes, from and to where they lead, before implementing them into their own contexts. They earn practical autonomy and acquire quality and quantity criteria. They are then able to launch their new knowledge alone, and to frame the work of their colleagues or providers. My trainings are generally very much appreciated: read trainees testimonials.