“Why We Use Social Media in Our Personal Lives — But Not for Work”

 ”We’ve built a great deal of capability — and participation — but it only touches 1% of our productive activity because it’s not part of the flow of the work.”

Make sure the social media in your workplace has the same characteristics as social media in your personal life:

  1. Strategy — a clear, specific purpose,
  2. Technology — designed around user behavior,
  3. Organization — supported by new structures and practices as necessary, and
  4. Personal Engagement — catalyzed individual discretionary effort.

    My personal feeling: corporate social networks will get the same proportion of contribution than other social networks, ie 1 contributor, 10 sharers, 100 readers.
    And it will only be exploited by maximum 2 to 3% of the whole company, the ones wishing to “increasing productivity, stimulating innovation, and enhancing employee engagement”.

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