“More Smart, Less Stupid: PR for Better Business #SXbetterbiz”

“You have to have engagement of the people who love you and stand by you. (…)

If people aren’t heard, they will make themselves heard.  There is an expectation on the part of constituents that corporations will listen. (…)

In the case where you just make a mistake, nothing wrong with apologizing. (…)You need to speak like a human being and reach people in their communities (…)

Planning communications from the Daily Show perspective belongs in crisis communications planning.

American had cultivated a culture of transparency and openness, that was reflected in the organization’s increasing investment in real-time communications and social media. 

  • Set a roadmap.  Outline the issues your company cares about and stick to them.  If the company threatens to deviate, ask why.  Help the company stay on task.
  • As communicators, actively build internal alignment around key issues.
  • The military has the concept of ‘over watch’. On the ground, in the trenches, your vision narrows.  The military always has  people doing over watch – keeping an eye on the big picture. Communicators can do this very effectively.”

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