“Enterprise 2.0 and social business : yes but why ?”

“Of course, business are still selling tangible goods, but value is moving from the product itself to associated services. In more and more cases, goods are a part of a service. Car manufacturers are about to stop selling cars to sell mobility, tire manufacturers are not selling tires to airlines anymore but a give number of landings and take offs, mobile phones are a part of a communication servicer (that’s why they’re often subsidiarized).”

“initiatives should be initiated by those who work in front of the customer. It needs knowledge and people who detains it to be identifiable and mobilizable. And, because of the short time available to respond, upward delegation has to be replaced by something more effective to solve problems and make decisions where and when the need emerges. This is why more autonomy is needed, why managers need to become more supportive. Last, since it’s less about innovation than recombining existing elements, service innovation becomes a major challenge.”

“value does not depend on the time spent but on how the time spents impacts the customer’s perception of value.”

“Conclusion : if there’s not, at the very beginning, the cousciousness that value models are changing it’s impossible to draw the conclusions that will motivate a radical change (and even if one has the intuitions, it’s needed to justify it). So there will be no good reason to start the right programs, to head in the right direction, in a coherent way, with the needed resources.

In one sentence : if no one tries to understand how value is moving in the model there’s no reason to change anything and do more than window-dressing.”

Source: http://www.duperrin.com/english/2012/04/19/enterprise-2-0-and-social-business-yes-but-why/

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