“How do Freelancers, Employees and Entrepreneurs cowork?”

“Freelancers continue to dominate the membership base of coworking spaces, but an increasing percentage of the membership classifies itself as employees, numbering around a quarter worldwide and a third in the U.S. (…)

Employees, for instance, are members for an average of only seven months. Further, they spend less time in their coworking spaces compared to freelancers and entrepreneurs, so the benefits of coworking are not (yet) fully realised. (…)

For employees, coworking spaces can present many benefits. Social networks are expanded, isolation is reduced and productivity increased – if not quite as markedly as the other two groups. (…)

Somewhat surprisingly, employees most often appreciate being a member of a community. (…) The survey also revealed that, for them, a fixed table is not necessarily desirable. Volume, on the other hand, is an issue – with almost one in three bothered by the noise levels of the new workplace. Contrary to the other groups, the majority are satisfied with access during traditional working hours. (…)

Because employees work primarily in fixed teams (46%), have the fewest “new, useful” acquaintances and participate rarely in events, integration measures that are oriented towards their particular needs could help ameliorate their coworking experience.”

Source: http://www.deskmag.com/en/how-do-freelancers-employees-and-entrepreneurs-coworking-spaces-comparison-368

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