27/09/13 My output of the Agile Tour 2013 in Brussels


Although I myself do not program, Agile methodoly has inspired me for years, and I was really looking for this event. Fact is that there has been lots of good coming from it.

Agile Tour 2013 in Brussels

Agile Tour 2013 in Brussels

– If you want to collaborate, you have to exercise: organize events, get trained on soft skills, have onthly workshops… And enable individual coaching throughout the process!
– Speak up with useful information, not interesting ones: interesting won’t solve the problem.
– If you cannot draw the problem, you cannot know the problem enough.
– You need skills to build things together.

Agile Tour 2013 in Brussels

Slow meetings can generate spectacular outputs. Some people may have to leave, if they don’t fit into the new collaborative culture.
Corporate Governance meetings help share the Vision.

Agile Tour 2013 in Brussels

Collaboration pays off, leading the company to outperform the market.
Trust takes time to build and can be distroied in no time. But you need trust to build collaboration and value.

Leaders of leaders have their spirit lasts, even when they’re gone.


Yves Hanoulle is a member of PairCoaching.net, which educates software development to teams about pragmatic, people oriented best practices.

He explained us pairing as: pairing = driver + navigator
One focuses on speed, the other one sees farther.
They get different tasks but have the same goal. They are two people with different views, different specialities.

Pairing enables to go fasterand avoid mistakes, to balance style and attention (max 30 min attention for one person), to broaden the results of the work, and keep focused on final goal (and less be distracted).

Such as for firemen, car rally teams, air pilots, etc.

Pairing does not lead to double speed or double work: it enhances global quality, and then reduces dramatically integration time, fixing and maintenance costs ; also because knowledge is already shared and collaboration has been built … And it’s more fun, more rewarding, team building efficient!

Individual benefit: explaining makes your expertise even stronger.

Pair rotation is important; each 1:30, pairs may change to stay into the beginners mind. In short time, the information is then spread to the whole team!

Pairing has to come from the persons, it cannot be forced.
Pairing is a willing methodology.

Discussions are needed for GREAT results.


Damien Thouvenin showed several examples of visual management systems, mainly not virtual 😉
He says: visual management systems have to be simple to setup, easy to understand, impossible to make mistakes with!

Agile Tour 2013 in Brussels


Agile Tour 2013 in BrusselsIMG_1937



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