Marina Aubert

Marina Aubert,
Digital expert
for social innovation

I offer and develop innovative solutions to daily issues.



I find the best way to solve issues. Sometimes my solutions are technical; sometimes they imply some lobbying; sometimes it has to go fast; sometimes the plan is to go slowly.
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Digital expertise

I build websites since 1997, manage communities since 1998 and give trainings since 2001. I know how things work, and where they get stuck, from basic html up to .NET CMS or Intranets. Read more


I am experienced in managing small agile teams of up to a dozen people. Agility is key, and although administrative tasks are my nightmare, I am a Queen in budget management 🙂 Read more

Social innovation

My strategies often lead to innovate socially. Nowadays digital tools offer golden middles to ease social collaboration and to create news ways to live together. Read more


Owner at Journaliste Web

2003 – 2019

From web copywriter up to a team leader, a brand marketing specialist and a marketing consultant.

During this period, I also cofounded and co-managed the professional organization
e-criture (2007-2010), the coworking cooperative RueDuWeb (2009-2017), the social project MolenGeek (2015-2016).

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Co-founder at FitMyNest

2014 – today

I launch and develop this cohousing cooperative, together with other cooperators.
It has been supported by:

  • StartupWeekend Brussels (2014)
  • B-Sprouts (2017)
  • Coopcity (2018-2019)
  • Brussels Regio (2019)
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Trainer, coach, professor


I brought digital expertise, startups coaching and training mainly for:

  • Haute Ecole ICHEC – ISFSC – Saint-Louis (2007-2011)
  • TechnfuturTIC (2007-2011)
  • TechnocitĂ© (2011-2015)
  • Microsoft Innovation Center (2012)
  • Azimut (2014-2016)
  • IDEMM Master2 at Lille 3 University (2016-2017)
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Digital expert at Bruxelles Formation

2018 – today

I create strategies and take care of the project management for internal and public websites:

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