CE+T Power 2011 & 2015-2017

CE+T Power is a Belgian company specialized in very specific niche in electronics. It hired my twice.

  • In 2011, I was hired a strategist before refoundation.
  • In 2015-2017, I was a hired in a part-time mission as a digital expert.


As Strategist, I audited the existing website, created a strategy and asked my team to restructure its content with Corporate, SEO and whitepapers copywriting. I also made recommendations to the Marketing Manager.

As Digital expert, I created the worldwide digital strategy and developed the digital lead nurturing and generation using:

  • the website,
  • online specialized medias,
  • Linkedin
  • and specific conversion newsletters.

I also coordinated with the Chinese team for a specific Chinese digital strategy, and trained the US team to write technical papers for online specialized medias.

In short:

  • Worldwide digital strategy
  • Web media partners, coordination of the Chinese and US teams
  • Online lead nurturing


  • Website: in 2011, +50% visitors; in 2015-2016, +46% visitors
  • Growth of online audience: +516 clicks on Linkedin
  • Gain of qualified leads
  • More results


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