JW SPRL 2003-2019

2003 I found JW as a freelance.

I sell digital strategy for websites, intranets and emailings. My main references are MeadJohnson Nutritionals, Chez Léon, Stûv, Cofidis.

2007 I bring in investors, together we launch JW as a SPRL company.

I become CEO and hire our first employee. We grow fast and I soon become the leader of a 6-people team.

2007 I start giving courses and trainings; I will be for 10 years.
2007-2010 With freelances, we launch the professional organization e-criture.
2008 I co-authors the book “Ecrire et manager sa communication web” in 2008.

We offer all services around digital strategy : web project management, webmastering, digital edition, management and training, community management. Our main references are Belgacom/Proximus, Village n°1, Mead Johnson Nutrition, CLL, ArcelorMittal…

2009 A new investor joins in. The company grows and we move to a new building. Together with other small web companies, we create a coworking place called RueDuWeb (FR).
Our main references are Bruxelles Environnement, VELUX, Knauf Belgium, Child Focus, Materne, Actiris

2010 Our clients need more guidance to succeed into their digital transformation: we create a working group called Wallonie Collaborative and organize an event at the Microsoft Innovation Center, in Mons. We concentrate on offering more strategy and less content creation. This leads to the attempt to pivot into a consultancy group called Orchestraaa with other experts, it fails.

2013 Our clients demand more coaching: I give more coaching, workshops and trainings.

2015 Our clients are ready to hire digital strategist: the team is gone, I take part-time missions at several clients: CE+T Power, Azimut, Verdon.

2018 Digital strategy is now an internal full-time job: I sign at Bruxelles Formation as Digital Expert.

2019 I end the last missions and close JW SPRL.

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