Journaliste Web 2003-2019

2003 I launch Journaliste Web as a freelance. I do webwriting, SEO copywriting and consultancy in web communication. My main references are MeadJohnson Nutritionals, Chez Léon, Stûv.

2007 Together with investors, we launch Journaliste Web as a company. I become CEO and hire our first employee. We grow fast and I soon become the leader of a 6-people team. We launch the professionnal organization e-criture (2007-2010), and even write a book “Ecrire et manager sa communication web” in 2008. I start giving courses and trainings, and will be for 10 years.
We offer web content creation, management and training, and community management. Our main references are Belgacom/Proximus, Village n°1, Mead Johnson Nutrition, CLL, ArcelorMittal…

2009 A new investor joins in. The company grows and we move to a new building, together with other small web companies: we create the coworking place called RueDuWeb.
We split the team into a copywriting team and a digital strategy team. Our main references are Bruxelles Environnement, VELUX, Knauf Belgium, Child Focus, Materne, Actiris…

2010 Our clients need more guidance to succeed into their digital transformation: we create a working group called Wallonie Collaborative and organize an event at the Microsoft Innovation Center. We concentrate on offering more strategy and less content creation.
2012 We pivot: as the digital transformation grows, our clients need experts to guide them. Together with other experts, we create Orchestraaa and quit content creation. I become Brand marketing specialist. We are back to 3 people.

2013 Digital transformation demands to go back to basics : I become a freelance marketing consultant and give lots of workshops and trainings.
2015 Companies include digital fully into their strategy: I take part-time missions at several clients.
2018 Digital strategy becomes a full-time job: I sign at Bruxelles Formation.

2019 I end my last freelance missions and close Journaliste Web.

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