Previous dates

2018/11 PlatformCoop Brussels FR
2018/03 Crazy Days of Social Economy: “Social Economy: implement democracy within companies” FR
2018/02 ICT jobs for Toekomst Atelier de l’Avenir FR
2018/02 EU Industry Week at B-Sprouts: Industry 4.0 and cohousing
2018/02 Crédal Echang’Elles programme for female students entrepreneurship : “Questions to be asked before launching your business  – Meeting with an inspiring panel of female  entrepreneurs” FR
2018/02 Expert for Entrepreneurship programme 1819.brussels FR

2017/12 Startup pitch at IoT Incubator B-Sprouts’ DEMO DAY for FitMyNest
2017/11 Conference on Lead generation and nurturing in an industrial business, for Bisnode
2017/11 Webinar on Communication for Female managers, for feminist NGO Amazone FR
2017/11 UStart – Digitalmarketing
2017/02 Collège Cardinal Mercier high school – ICT jobs FR

2016/01 Azimut – Marketing cluster

2015/11 AIHE/Technifutur – How to use social media for B2B industries? FR
2015/09 CCI LVN – CNN Group “Social media for industrial SMEs” FR
2015/03 EHP Belgium – Unusual meetings “How to frame your creativity – personal development methodology” FR
2015/02 Rotary Club Waterloo International – Collective intelligence for companies FR
2015/01 RueDuWeb open day: workshop on “Top managers’aura” and “e-reputation” FR
2015/01 Demo on “Top managers’s aura” FR

2014/11 Café numérique Waterloo – Personal Branding, essential tool to promote your talents FR
2014/10 Waterloo Way – Animation of the launching evening for Waterloo Way workshops FR
2014/10 Pecha Kucha Mons –  Top managers’ aura FR
2014/06 TipiEcamp barcamp (Eghezée) – Win clients with passing on your passion FR
2014/05 Belfius Financial Academy (Charleroi then Liège) – Social media: Evolution or Revolution? (via @talkingheads) FR
2014/03 Web content days (Lille) – Curating Content Or Creating It FR
2014/01 Multimedia Centre of Saint-Gilles (Brussels) – Learn how to deal with your online reputation FR

2013/11 Café Numérique Waterloo – Father Christmas and Sint-Nicholas buy online. Do you? FR
2013/10 Jobs House of Ixelles (Brussels) – Communication 2.0 codes and online applications FR
2013/10 Café Numérique Namur – Succeed with your Facebook page FR
2013/10 Café Numérique Waterloo – How to exploit your online notoriety FR
2013/04 Feweb (Brussels) –  Community Management FR
2013/03 Orchestraaa (Louvain-la-Neuve) – Multispherical companies FR
2013/03 Web content days (Lille) – Round table on web contente evolution FR

2012/11 Belgian SAP Inside Track (Brussels) – Personal branding towards Corporate branding
2012/10 Wolu Cyber (Brussels) – The new jobs of internet FR
2012/04 ISFSC (Brussels) – Web writing specifications FR
2012/04 IHECS RP (Brussels) – Strategy of visibility FR
2012/03 UCL university (Louvain-la-Neuve) –Web writing specifications FR
2012/03 Web content days (Lille) – What content for social medias FR

2011/11 ASE Strategic intelligence meeting (Liège) – The storytelling machine FR
2011/09 The House of Enterprises (Tournai) – Master web writing technics for organic SEO FR
2011/07 Cleverwood (Brussels) – Web copywriting: between content creation and usability
2011/06 ACCORTise Barcamp (Eghezée) – How to be seen online with relevant content? FR
2011/06 Entreprise&Personnel (Paris) – Charters 2.0 FR
2011/05 Café Numérique Brussels –Succeed with your Facebook page FR
2011/04 Web Startup Day – FEWE – Women and web entrepreneur FR
2011/04 ISFSC (Brussels) – Web copywriting FR
2011/03 Idemmatic days on web contents and SEO (Lille) FR
2011/01 Café Numérique Brussels – E-learning FR

2010/12 ST2 (Tournai) – Web writing technics and SEO FR
2010/09 Café Numérique Brussels – Companies digital identity FR

2009/06 CCIH (Charleroi) – Mailings & e-mailings  FR
2009/04 Campus numérique (Charleroi) – Why is it necessary to strategically think your web content FR
2009/03 Idemmatic days on web contents and SEO (Lille) FR

2008/04 e-criture (Charleroi) – Can you stop working with web agencies? FR
2008/03 REWICS (Charleroi) – Webwriting FR

2007/12 ISFSC (Brussels) – Webwriting FR
2007/05 Ecademy (Brussels) – Dare to shine thanks to your web communication FR
2007/02 Dynasite (Nivelles) – Write (for) your web communication FR
2007/01 Infopole (Namur) – Web 2.0: from blogs to crowdsourcing FR

2006/11 Salon Belgica (Casablanca) – French-speaking web writing, for young Maroccans FR

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