CLL 2009

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My team had to help the client structure and format its huge content into a functional e-commerce website.
The overall wireframes had been designed by the web agency, but all the detailed functions and the naming had to be precised. I organized weekly working sessions together with the client to make sure all the buttons and all the labels were corrected. Then I organized the operational work (wireframing redesign and content copywriting) to my internal team.

In short:

  • created a business case from stakeholders needs
  • study of the existing wireframes
  • supported the stakeholders in optimizing their wireframes and sitemap (1 day per week for 5 months)
  • assigned copywriting tasks to my internal team
  • delivered all structured content and recommendations to stakeholders


  • 29 different wireframes
  • 16 navigation scenarios
  • 51 complete sitemap pages
  • 26 content pages


The resulting website is still online

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