Why do startups die?

Failure #1: “I had the Next Big Thing” An idea has no value as such. Failure #2: “we were considered the leader” Never overestimate the competition. Failure #3: “We thought, ‘We’ll attack this problem a few years before Microsoft and Oracle notice it and recognize it as a problem.’” Never underestimate big companies resources. FailureContinue reading “Why do startups die?”

03/10/2013 My output of the European Conference: Tackling societal challenges with Social Collective Intelligence and ICT

The access to this conference was resticted to social collective intelligence experts, we met few … Anna-Maria Daramanin, vicepresident of the ESCE, asked how social intelligence and ict answer practical social challenges such as poverty and unemployment than suggested to talk to the passionnate people… We say please!