“Enterprise 2.0 and social business : yes but why ?”

“Of course, business are still selling tangible goods, but value is moving from the product itself to associated services. In more and more cases, goods are a part of a service. Car manufacturers are about to stop selling cars to sell mobility, tire manufacturers are not selling tires to airlines anymore but a give numberContinue reading ““Enterprise 2.0 and social business : yes but why ?””

04/05/2012 Crowdsourcing. Ross Dawson to talk in Brussels!!

Ross Dawson will speak on the forces shaping the future of work and organisations, the growing role of crowds and crowdsourcing, and the steps that organisations need to take to tap the power of internal and external crowds to create value. British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, Bischoffsheim 11, 1000 Brussels. Lunchtime (12:30 to 14:00) onContinue reading “04/05/2012 Crowdsourcing. Ross Dawson to talk in Brussels!!”

Instagram: “It’s Not A Bubble, It’s Valleywood”

“The titans of new media have a distribution channel that’s always hungry for more entertainment. They need to feed the beast – and they can’t innovate fast enough. They need to rely on the Pinterests, the Instagrams and the Paths to give them the entertaining new hangouts for their audiences. Big companies aren’t known forContinue reading “Instagram: “It’s Not A Bubble, It’s Valleywood””

“Content Marketing – Are You Solving Problems or Creating Noise?”

“In order to be successful you need to be a hero to your clients. Heroes solve problems. With your blog, your web content, your mobile app, whatever content you produce, are you solving some problem for the intended audience?” “With all of this content out there, how does yours stand out and get results? You areContinue reading ““Content Marketing – Are You Solving Problems or Creating Noise?””

O2 homeworking pilot ‘saved staff 2,000 hours’

Homeworking : The telecoms firm O2 has revealed the results of a staff survey that showed that 2,000 hours of commuting time was saved during the experiment. Employees spent just over half – 1,040 hours – of that extra time working, with the remainder going on extra sleep, relaxation or family activities. Source: O2 homeworking pilot ‘savedContinue reading “O2 homeworking pilot ‘saved staff 2,000 hours’”

A message to Planned Parenthood women’s rights suppor

skarosoul: feminist-slut: aquintessentialgirl: A message to Planned Parenthood women’s rights supporters from President Obama. Watch the whole video here. I love our president. Seriously, he is the best. “Lets be clear here. Women are not a special interest group. They are mothers. And daughters. And sisters. And wives.” If he doesn’t stay in office, IContinue reading “A message to Planned Parenthood women’s rights suppor”