Bruxelles Formation: ergonomics for public inclusion 2020-2021

My mission at Bruxelles Formation was to ensure online resources were accessible, easily usable and easily readable by fragile publics, i.e. unemployed, undergraduated, not-native, socially or financially unsecured people.

Therefore, I hired ergonomists to make an audit en enhance UX/UI of both Bruxelles Formation and Cité des métiers of Brussels websites.

Audit: Neurotests

In January 2020, ergonomists made neurotests (EGG, eyetracking) with representative unemployed Brussels persons. They showed that the Cité des métiers’ website was not accessible and had to be fully refunded, and that Bruxelles Formation’s one had to be enhanced.

Enhance: Ethography

Then, ergonomists deeply studied the characteristics of unemployed people in Brussels. Unemployed people need:

  • to be taken by the hand to find their own professional destination
  • to get more information on jobs, to aknowledge how each job feels like on a daily basis
  • to easily access advisors

As Brussels institutions are tricky to understand and both Bruxelles Formation and Cité des métiers have mainly the same unemployed public, ergonomists advised to develop the same navigation principle for both websites.

Delivery: Optimized screens

Ergonomists facilitated a dozen of workshops with developers and I as Product owner:

  • First to draw ergolayouts, based on neuro sciences principles (neuro-marketing).
  • Then to add colors and shapes via AI simulation, and co-create the new screens of both websites.

The final screens are provided to web agencies for integration into the websites.

Before-after screens will be added to this article when both optimized websites will be online, by the end of 2021.


A yearly follow-up is planned to continuously enhance both websites.

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